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    Friday, July 18, 2008

    To Pose or not to Pose?

    Its such an interesting question for me to 'pose'..the honest truth is as a Professional Photographer I started out shooting people in their natural poses ie I don't instruct my subjects to pose,instead I find angles that reflects the story behind the picture..Hmm but ever since being involved in this wedding industry I am more and more inclined to have to shoot my subject matter an instruct them at times to do posses...Nevertheless I'm still shooting 80-90% wedding stuff without instructing my clients how to pose...Why?Because I feel if I were to always have them pose in a certain manner all the time I would lose the energy and spontaneity of the shot..and I would ultimately be the ruin of my own style of shooting...every shot would ultimately look the same from the next bride to the other..instead I try to put my focus more on capturing the moments because moments are fleeting and every moment is unique thus making every wedding moment different from the other..nevertheless that being said there are definitely in every wedding shoot, shots which will have to remain generic that I aptly call the 'standard' shots (ie boring heheh)...anyway happy shooting...go grab those moments


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