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    Friday, August 15, 2008

    Walking down memory lane...

    I remember being asked many times before by many people how long I have done Photography..heheh..well my answer is really quite simple..I tend to say almost all my life!!..because when I was around 12 or so I held my dads first AF camera..back then it was the EOS650..the lens we had back then was the EF 35-70..I remember I was so amazed by this new 'toy' my dad had bought..it never failed to amaze me how by pressing the shutter button halfway it would automatically focus on a subject..I was hooked eversince..for a period after that I stopped playing around with the camera as computer games (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,Police Quest,Kings Quest etc) grabbed my attention (those CGA,EGA days..and Adlib and Soundblaster 1.0 Soundcard days)..nevertheless the camera had always an ambient presence even when I wasn't actively shooting..

    I started again to pick the camera more seriously when my mum bought me my first serious camera the EOS 1n during my 'A' Levels..wooo..back then this was like 'The' camera..before the F5 of course :P...it had all the cool custom functions that one could dream of..my fav custom function has got to be the mirror up custom function..I used it alot to reduce vibration that may occur during long exposures..it was a great camera..I remember shooting so many slide films back then..just looking through the slides to see the images gave me such a thrill..it was so rewarding whenever you got a well exposed slide..the satisfaction was really something else..I mean like with todays digital camera technology it just makes me appreciate having digital even more as I came from a place and time where we had to wait sometimes several days just to see the results!!I guess on the positive side film camera's thought me to be patient and to plan my shots alot more, as I knew they cost alot to develop and also there's no telling whats really gonna come out..or even if anything comes out for that matter!!

    During 'A' Levels in UK,I remember most of my friends taking up Duke of Edinburgh for their extra curricular activities after school..fortunately back then I had decided not to take that activity instead I took the Photography Club after classes..It was fun because I had first hand training on how to wash my own film..back then when Inkjet printers didn't really print anything but documents, it was a novelty to see your images appearing before your very eyes in the darkroom..speaking of which I soon got caught for sneaking out of the dorm house one winter night just to develop some of my prints..heheh..oh well, those were the days...

    That all been said I guess my past foundation in photography helped me much as a training ground for my current career.. Am I frustrated with the digital era you may ask? My simple answer is, No way!!...I so embrace it..its made life so much easier but it has also made me appreciate my humble beginnings in the film days..but honestly I wouldn't have it anyway else I guess,I'm just glad I learnt photography from the film days as its so sentimental and nice to look back at my tons and tons of slides up till today and know you have a piece of history in your hand,..beats holding a JPG in your hand..Anyway happy snapping guys...


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