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    Monday, January 12, 2009

    Why I became a Photographer?

    Hmmmm...well the simple truth is I just love looking at pictures..ever since I can remember I have always enjoyed browsing through books and magazines..every instance I saw an interesting image it would leave a mark in my subconscious mind..I would then tend to try and photograph or emulate the pic that I saw..Anyway I must say I've never found a job more humbling than what I'm currently doing now..I don't know what it is with people at times, the minute they see someone having a camera around their necks they think they can boss you around..I must say in this line I have had my fair share of bullying from individuals..but nevertheless it has never deterred me from this field..Its nice to be behind the camera because you get to see all kinds of people and all kinds of behavior people display..this job allows me to truly see who is truly sincere and who is not..as a camera man you really are the silent witness that sees all that is happening..my advice is one should always treat each other with respect no matter what he or she carries around his neck, because you never know when you would need his or her help next...just a thought I'd like to share.... :)


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    Hi Guys and Girls..welcome to my blog..I decided to make a blog simply because I guess its the 'in' thing to have nowadays...it seems that people today love blogs because it allows them to dive deeper into the extra activities and realities of the person who writes them,a kinda reality show if I may say so..hehehe..anyway in this blog I intend to share my love of Photography..so there will be lots of experimental shots used here...thanks for tuning in to Qippy.com Photography Blog...

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