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    Saturday, February 28, 2009

    A bug's Life..

    When I was really young I was always referred to in the family as 'The Mad Scientist'...That's because I used to love playing with insects and all kinds of things in the backyard..making my concoction of weird and foul smelling perfumes from my dad's Aramis perfumes mixed with other perfumes like Old Spice etc..it was great fun..I've always learned stuff through trial and error...one of my favorite insects has definitely got to be the Dragonfly..It's one of those cool insects..I mean how can it not be cool?? Its eyes alone look like its a Jetfighters' HUD (HEADS UP DISPLAY) helmut!!Oh yeah and of course the way this little insect flies is totally mind-boggling...quick sudden changes of flight trajectories from left to right or even up to down..and If I have observed correctly they can even reverse flight paths at such high speeds, and spontaneously at will too!!..something that's hardly achieved by man and his modern technology even till this day...anyway..here's taking a good look at it...


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    Hi Guys and Girls..welcome to my blog..I decided to make a blog simply because I guess its the 'in' thing to have nowadays...it seems that people today love blogs because it allows them to dive deeper into the extra activities and realities of the person who writes them,a kinda reality show if I may say so..hehehe..anyway in this blog I intend to share my love of Photography..so there will be lots of experimental shots used here...thanks for tuning in to Qippy.com Photography Blog...

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