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    Monday, April 27, 2009

    Scooby Snacks..

    Ahhhhh..this is definitely a sweet break away from the usual post I provide for y'all..heheh..in this post I'm revealing what we at Qippy.com love to gobble down during our hunger bingeing ;) .Well on top of the list has definitely got to be the all time favourite of mine, ohhh the 'Snickers' bar. It's simply excellent, I mean the outer shell is good as it is, but once you sink your teeth in deeper to the crust of this little flavorful beast then you'll be hooked, it goes from sweet chocolate-ty taste to shear crunchy and smooth caramel all at once!! not forgetting the Nougat..mmmmmm...

    Anyway next on the list is Kinder Bueno, man you've got to try this chocolate, it so smooth. If you're into Nutella I assure you that you would simply fall in love with Kinder Bueno. Another favourite of mine is a slightly rarer chocolate, its the Cadbury's Flake. I used to buy these back in student days in London to bring back home every summer holidays, Thank God for globalization now you can get em here, although the version here is from Aussie. I have to admit I do find the Cadbury's Flake from UK slightly tastier as its not as sweet as it's Aussie version, and also the UK version has got a slightly bitter and crunchier taste to it. Oh well its still good. One that you also must try out is Maltesers, make sure its the Aussie version if you buy it here, cos I've tried the Indonesian version and its really not as nice,but if you have the choice between UK or Aussie of this, try opting for the UK version, call me bias but there's just something nice about UK 'chocchies' which I can't put my finger on, it's just nicer I guess and not as sweet tasting, so you can really appreciate the intense chocolate-ty flavors in your mouth. Anyway thats enough chocolate diaries for now, I'm gonna enjoy my Magnum ice-cream now...


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