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    Tuesday, July 8, 2008

    Rain...Rain..what a day..

    As a child I used to be so fascinated with all those Britannica encyclopedia volumes we had..I would always go through them over and over again and I was always fascinated with the volumes that were on the subject of weather,especially the tornadoes,lighting and other natural phonemenons..I guess when I was going through those books it gave me glimpses of things and places I would otherwise never be able to come face to face with (hope not anyway where tornadoes are concerned,gulp.)...I guess those were the days before the computer became a household product..back in my day an encyclopedia was pretty much your Virtual Reality ride..it got you seeing places far off and it also made you see the wonders of God's creation...so this shot is definitely inspired from all those years gone by ...I took this shot one night by my balcony and the rain carried on till the early hours of the morning..I couldn't help but grab my tripod and cable release as I knew its my chance to get that encyclopedia's cliché lightning shot..



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