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    Saturday, July 12, 2008

    What Kinda Photographer Am I?

    Well thats a good question I pose to my own self at times..the truth is I am a 'Photographer'..purely and plainly that..I record and document whatever thats in front of me..I dont categories myself specifically and exclusively as a 'Wedding Photographer'..I feel that would be far to limiting on myself in terms of things I can document..but nevertheless wedding photography is definitely the main core business that we are involved in capturing..I guess why I like to be just known as a Professional Photographer instead of specifically a Professional Wedding Photographer is simply because I love the art of photography so much so that I usually have my camera slung around me most of the time (less so now, after my horrible backache,hehehe)and I capture almost anything that I may see interesting or worthy of being captured..theres far too many subjects around us and theres also so many things to see that relate to our daily lives which go fleeting in this vast 'present' that we call 'Life'..to capture only one subject and not reflect on the other things around us would most definitely be neglecting our role as a 'recording artist'...what we as photographers see at the end of the day are things that not everyone else sees and knowing this fact we have a great role in documenting events and incidences that go either unnoticed or simply down right inaccessible to the masses..we are the eyes to the world..so the story should convey truth in it..but does that mean Photoshoping is bad?No..I think if it helps enhance or more clearly illustrate the beauty we capture then by all means its commendable..its only bad when you use it to twist the story of a picture..ie putting something that wasn't there or manipulating something in the image so that people begin to believe theres some truth in your hoaxed picture...at the end of the day I enjoy photography too much that I even shoot most of the time for the sheer fun of practicing and getting new angles and views..and thats definitely why I find it hard to be labeled as a 'Professional Wedding Photographer' ...that been said I admire the 'Professional Wedding Photographer's' out there, because they have such an acute knowledge of their subject and they are able to see all these fleeting moments that go unnoticed by the common eye and they do it all in the space of that event..amazing indeed..well done to all Professional Wedding Photographers out there..you are a very talented bunch..


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