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    Friday, October 31, 2008

    Tanjung Rhu what a beautiful haven...

    Just got back today in the afternoon from Langkawi...me and my wife were there to help our client shoot their Resort..the last time I was in Langkawi was like a good decade or more..anyway Tanjung Rhu is such a nice place tucked deep in the mangrove area of the island...the whole area occupied by the establishment consist of a total of 1000 plus acres..I would highly recommend to anybody who wants to get away from it all to take a trip to Langkawi and stay at The Tanjung Rhu..food was simply excellent...and service was definitely worth the 5 stars it deserves..anyway we were there for 2 days and the weather was rather bad..nevertheless I took advantage of whatever weather I had as I didn't want to disappoint my clients..the night before we left the island, Langkawi apparently was hit by a hurricane...we got to see the aftermath that the hurricane left behind minutes after it struck certain spots of the island..infact on that same rainy day we all took a cruise ship and ended up having to head back the harbour as the waves and the sea in general was way too violent...in one incident, while were on board, the ship was struck by a large wave that literally made the cruise ship sway left to right at almost 35 degrees or so...anyway glad I'm back in KL now..Alhamdulillah...anyway it wa a great short trip...hope you enjoy just a gist of what I managed to capture during my time there..
    Some lucky sunny spells did occur...
    Rain,rain and more rain was pretty much the ordeal when we were there..


    Halim Jasmi November 1, 2008 at 1:59 PM  

    me + family planning to go nxt yr.Tanjung Rhu must be good spot for us.Thx for sharing.

    qippy November 1, 2008 at 3:18 PM  

    I hope the pictures would entice anyone wanting to take a trip to Langkawi...I can only hope the reason you are going is because of this post??...heheh...thanks

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