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    Wednesday, September 3, 2008

    Have A wonderful Ramadhan..

    Hi guys..its been a while since I've posted anything on my blog..A lot has happened in these past 2 weeks of not blogging..My dearest Grandmother passed away last Monday..it was really a long week to say the least..she was definitely a typical example of the sort of grandmother anybody wishes to have as their own..everybody who met her never failed to call her 'Tok'..that's how most people felt being around her, she made anybody feel welcome in our family..Anyway may Allah bless your soul with maghfirah and much peace InsyaAllah,Al-Fatihah..
    I would also like to take the opportunity today to wish all my muslim readers Ramadhan Mubarak, its a month to get closer to Allah SWT and seek His Forgiveness and His Mercy...I will be posting InsyaAllah some pics soon..so hang in there...


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    Hi Guys and Girls..welcome to my blog..I decided to make a blog simply because I guess its the 'in' thing to have nowadays...it seems that people today love blogs because it allows them to dive deeper into the extra activities and realities of the person who writes them,a kinda reality show if I may say so..hehehe..anyway in this blog I intend to share my love of Photography..so there will be lots of experimental shots used here...thanks for tuning in to Qippy.com Photography Blog...

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